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Alice International Private College

alice-logoAlice Technical CollegeJapanese language Department and Care Worker Department

 What Japanese Language skills are needed to become a certified care worker?

To study in the Care Worker Department, JLPT Level 2 or equivalent is needed.Present holders of JLPT Level 3 and 4 can take a preparation course in the Japanese Language Department, and then continue to the Care Worker Department.

Japanese Language × Care Worker = Alice

 The preparation course in the Japanese Language Department teaches “General Japanese” as well as “Care Worker Japanese”.

Student Loan (Bursary) × Work Placement = Alice

 Our institution can provide students enrolled in the Care Worker Department with 50-100% support for tuition fees. Also, we have numerous business partners who can provide part-time and full-time work as needed.

Testimonials of present students in the Care Worker Department



 In the language preparation course I am so glad to have studied care worker related Kanji and specialist language. Even in the Care Worker Department the teachers take care to support foreign students with easy to understand slides and so on. My current goal is to pass the national exam to become a certified care worker. In the future I want to make use of my experiences of working in care facilities here by making a care facility in my home country.



 Thanks to the bursary system I was able to not worry about tuition fees and focus on my studies. Soon after enrolling I could start part-time work in a care facility. There, I could learn a lot about the Japanese way of thinking and working, as well as the knowledge and skills of a care worker. Classes and training are really hard, but I got a lot of energy from seeing the smiling faces of the elderly. My goal is to become a certified care worker who can make everyone happy!

The 4 Steps to Employment

Present holders of LPT Level2 or equivalent can skip Step2

STEP 1 Application
  • 【 April Enrollees 】Interview in October → Apply in December → Obtain Visa in March → Enter Japan in April
  • 【October enrollees】Interview in April → Apply in June → Obtain Visa in September → Enter Japan in October

STEP 2 Japanese Language Department,Preparation Course 6 months ~ 2 years
  • Start part-time work in a care facility.
  • Learn Kanji for health care and conversational expressions.
  • Achieve JLPT Level 3?4.

STEP 3 Care Worker Department for 2 years
  • Learn the knowledge, skills and resourcefulness of a certified care worker.
  • Obtain practical skills through hands-on training.
  • Get ready to take the certified care worker national examination.

STEP 4 Job Hunting
  • Decide on a place of employment before graduating from the Care Worker Department.
  • Change to a Work Visa.

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The Appeal of Alice Technical College

  • Lively interaction between Japanese and foreign students, enjoying school and cultural activities.
  • There is student accommodation, cheaper than renting privately, and many dorms are fully furnished and have Wi-Fi.
  • Support with accidents or illness, and substantial lifestyle support with part-time work and so on.
  • Tuition fees are low, and there is a comprehensive bursary program.
  • There is Wi-Fi throughout the school, as well as training facilities for care workers, cooking facilities and a library.

Main Employment Places

北海道留萌市 医療法人社団心優会
茨城県古河市 社会福祉法人芳香会
神奈川県横浜市 社会福祉法人朋光会
愛知県西尾市 医療法人米津会
富山県魚津市 社会福祉法人海望福祉会
石川県輪島市 社会福祉法人弘和会
石川県鳳珠郡 社会福祉法人牧羊福祉会
石川県七尾市 社会医療法人財団董仙会
石川県七尾市 社会福祉法人徳充会
石川県河北郡 株式会社エイトコンサルタント
石川県金沢市 株式会社アスティ
石川県金沢市 株式会社恵
石川県金沢市 社会福祉法人こころ
石川県金沢市 株式会社サンウェルズ
石川県金沢市 株式会社スパーテル
石川県金沢市 医療法人積仁会
石川県金沢市 医療法人社団瑞穂会
石川県金沢市 社会福祉法人三馬福祉会
石川県金沢市 株式会社遊子苑
石川県野々市市 株式会社アース
石川県野々市市 株式会社ニルヴァーナ
石川県野々市市 医療法人社団洋和会
石川県野々市市 社会福祉法人洋和会
石川県白山市 有限会社ニシタ
石川県白山市 社会福祉法人はくさん会
石川県能美市 社会福祉法人喜峰会
石川県能美市 株式会社グッドステーション
石川県加賀市 社会福祉法人篤豊会
京都府船井郡 社会福祉法人山彦会
京都府京田辺市 医療法人社団石鎚会
大阪府大阪市 社会福祉法人永寿福祉会
大阪府大阪市 社会福祉法人恩賜財団大阪府済生会
大阪府松原市 社会医療法人垣谷会
兵庫県神戸市 医療法人社団恵秀会
兵庫県神戸市 社会福祉法人やすらぎ福祉会
岡山県倉敷市 社会福祉法人王慈福祉会
山口県光市 医療法人社団光仁会
山口県周南市 社会福祉法人光仁会
徳島県板野郡 社会医療法人凌雲会
徳島県板野郡 社会福祉法人凌雲福祉会

Student Life in Kanazawa

  • The city of Kanazawa has a population of 460,000. The part-time hourly wage is 800~1000 JPY, with a great variety of jobs available.
  • Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka are easily accessible, widening future study and employment options.
  • Home of one of the three great gardens of Japan, and with traditional arts and crafts, Kanazawa is a thriving tourist destination.
  • Living costs are cheaper than other cities, and there is an abundance of fresh fish and vegetables, delicious Japanese sweets and Japanese sake.
  • Enjoy 4 distinct seasons, a comfortable summer and a romantic, snowy landscape winter.

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Application fee 20,000JPY; Enrollment fee 90,000JPY
Dormitory fee 142,000 JPY (Security deposit 30,000 JPY, Non-refundable deposit 40,000 JPY, Advance rent 24,000 JPY x 3 months)

<Japanese Language Department>
600,000 JPY per year
<Care Worker Department>
1,010,000 JPY per year (alumni, teaching materials, graduation costs included)

Foreign student benefits and loans
If arriving in Japan with JLPT Level 2 or higher, travel costs reimbursed (up to 70,000 JPY)

<Care Worker Department>
Enrollment fee reduction and exemption system available
A reduction of up to 200,000 JPY over 2 years
Care institutions loan50-100% of the tuition fees

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Questions and Answers

Q1. Is there a student loan available?

A1. Yes.
Various care institutions around the country provide financial support on request from foreign students to study to become a care worker. The loan amount and pay back exemption conditions are different for each institution, but there are many places that offer to provide support for the entire tuition fee for the 2 year course.

Q2. When and how do I pay back the money?

A2. After graduating, there are many kinds of institutions available to a certified care worker, but if you work for 3~5 years at the place which provided the money, you may be exempt from repayment. If you work at a different institution, you can repay the money as you work, but the amount to repay and conditions vary according to the provider.

Q3. Can I work part-time while I study?

A3. Yes.
We introduce part-time work opportunities to all students at the school, including foreign students. Cleaning jobs, package sorting and food preparation are some of the part-time work options, but to students in the Care Worker Department we introduce work opportunities at care institutions. While studying at school in the Care Worker Department, you can gain work experience at a care institution and acquire practical knowledge and skills. We have a full-time staffer at Alice in charge of providing support to students working part-time at care institutions, so please consult at any time.

Q4. What is the hourly wage for part-time work?

A4. It depends on the part-time work schedule and content, but generally the hourly wage is 800~1,000 JPY. You can work up to 28 hours per week, and in the summer and winter school holidays you can work up to 8 hours in a single day.

Q5. Are there future work placement options?

A5. Yes.
We get requests from care institutions all around the country that would like to employ foreign students who have graduated from Alice as certified care workers. These institutions often provide tuition fee support systems. At Alice, we also have a full-time staffer to provide support for work placement. You can get helpful advice at any time.

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